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Satellite Motion Control

TC-Orbiter is an app that sends device motion control from your iPhone / iPod touch to any MIDI compatible device, and also can control TC-11 or TC-Data with zero configuration. It allows for the iPad to stay put while the orbiting device twists and turns.

TC-Orbiter is a simple utility, designed to let performers add motion control without moving their iPad. By using the large touch screen of the iPad for multi-touch performance, and the small device size of the iPhone / iPod touch for motion, players get the best of both worlds.

You can also send patch changes to TC-11 or TC-Data remotely with TC-Orbiter. Take control of patch cycling during complex pieces, or simply change patches without menu-diving while projecting a TC-11 / TC-Data performance.

How to Connect via Bluetooth LE MIDI

1. Turn Bluetooth [ON] on your device and target.

2. Tap on the floating MIDI view.

3. Double-tap the MIDI Setup Button.

4. Turn on 'Advertise MIDI Service' in the CoreMIDI Bluetooth LE setup.

5. On a Mac running OS X Yosemite, open Audio MIDI Setup.

6. Open the Bluetooth connection panel and connect to your device.

How to Connect to TC-11 or TC-Data

1. For best connection bandwidth, turn Bluetooth [ON] and WiFi [OFF] on both devices.

2. Start TC-Orbiter and your target synth (TC-11 or TC-Data).

3. Once the target synth appears fully in TC-Orbiter, tap it to send the connection invitation.

4. Accept the invitation on the target synth.


Q. Does TC-Orbiter support other synths?

A. Yes. Any synth that can be controlled via MIDI can be controlled with TC-Orbiter. Apps must support Bluetooth LE MIDI inputs in order to connect to TC-Orbiter wirelessly.

Q. Does TC-Orbiter send OSC?

A. No, just MIDI. For OSC device motion control, see GyrOSC.


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