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TC-11 2.0 Released!



Introducing TC-Data


Introducing TC-Data: a brand new iPad app that combines the creative multi-touch control of TC-11 with the power of MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control). TC-Data is a controller that sends MIDI or OSC messages to other apps and devices. With TC-Data, you can build your own touch performance interface for any controllable synthesizer or application.


Choose from over 300 controllers and triggers when programming your patches. You can assign any multitouch, device motion, or built-in module to any parameter. How do you want to generate MIDI notes? What note numbers? Velocity values? It is entirely up to you with all parameters exposed to TC-Data’s interface.

Using TC-Data as a MIDI controller for music synthesis is only the beginning. The receiver can be whatever you choose. Check out the video for some other ways you can incorporate TC-Data into your projects.

TC-Data is designed to fit flexibly within many studio and connection configurations. Go wireless with data transmission over WiFi (or Bluetooth MIDI via 3rd party apps), or use a device compliant MIDI interface.

    • Inter-app control via CoreMIDI
    • OSC over Wi-Fi
    • Support for external MIDI interfaces
    • MIDI input passthrough
    • Virtual MIDI output
    • MIDI over Bluetooth via 3rd party apps
    • Compatible with any iPad running iOS 7.1


TC-Data helps you organize and access your patches with a new loading screen, where you can tag patches, create groups, or even AirDrop patches to nearby iPads. Customize everything from the color of the app, to touch polyphony, display options, and editing preferences.

Check out all of the features of TC-Data on its main page!


GyrOSC: Version 2.1.1 Released


GyrOSC 2.1.1 fixes performance bugs for iPod Touch devices, and makes the magnetometer readout more reliable. It also adds support for the new 4″ screen size.

GyrOSC is a lightweight utility that sends your device’s motion sensors to any OSC (Open Sound Control) capable application over Wi-Fi. Wirelessly control your OSC capable audio or video app by moving and tilting your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.


Wirelessly send:

• Gyroscope {pitch, roll, yaw}
• Accelerometer {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Compass {magnetic heading}
• Rotation Matrix {m1 … m16}
• Rotation Rate {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Quaternion {w, x, y, z}
• Gravity {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Magnetic Field {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• GPS {lat, lon, alt, course, speed, time}

GyrOSC will automatically detect the available sensors in your device.

Invisible Drum Set: a full drum set out of thin air!


Play 16 drums out of thin air! Use your device like a drum stick – it senses what drums you want to play! Check out the videos!

Use your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch (4th generation) as a drum stick to trigger an unlimited array of sounds. Invisible Drum Set senses when you turn to play different drums – no onscreen switching, just play the drums as if they’re right in front of you!


• User customizable presets: load your own sounds!
• Built-in presets: acoustic drums, electronic drums, marimba, plucked strings, synths and more!
• Fully customizable sequencer: record in any meter and tempo
• Quantization settings
• Switchable distortion effect
• Customizable delay effect
• Send OSC messages: drums, gyroscope yaw
• Play along with your iPod music!

Invisible Drum Set is for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation) only. It will not be able to detect different drums on earlier hardware.

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