Bit Shape


(0:00) TC-Data sends wireless MIDI to an iMac running MOTU's Digital Performer. This example shows MIDI over Bluetooth using Apollo MIDI Over Bluetooth. The MIDI data is then routed to Native Instruments' Absynth to produce the sound.


(0:10) TC-Data sends MIDI via CoreMIDI to the iOS synth Sunrizer. MIDI controllers can be mapped to synthesis parameters for any MIDI controllable iOS synth. Performed by composer Warren Enstrom.


(0:23) A Disklavier piano is controlled using MIDI messages from TC-Data. An iRig MIDI interface provides the standard 5-pin DIN MIDI cable connection.


(0:32) An iPad running TC-Data is used as a controller pad in conjunction with a digital piano. MIDI data from the piano is sent into the iPad via the iRig MIDI interface, and TC-Data merges the notes with its outgoing control messages. Synthesis generated by Native Instruments' Absynth. Performed by pianist Marķa Valentina Schlei.


(0:44) TC-Data sends wireless MIDI data to a laptop running Processing. The note data is used to drive Chris Burns' interactive music visualization piece Audiopaint (2009).


(0:58) TC-Data sends OSC messages over WiFi to control the LED stage lighting in the PSOA Recital Hall. The OSC messages were received by a laptop running Processing, and the converted messages were output to the lighting controller via an ENTTEC USB to DMX interface.


(1:14) TC-Data is used to control a robotic arm built by artist Bryan Cera. OSC messages were sent to a laptop running Max/MSP, where they were routed to the joints and base of the robot.


Special thanks to all who helped with the video: Chris Burns, Bryan Cera, Warren Enstrom, Sam Radue, and Marķa Valentina Schlei.

©2010 Bit Shape Software