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TC-11 and TC-Data FAQ

Q. What is the difference between TC-11 and TC-Data?

TC-11 is a synthesizer, and generates sound from performance in-app. TC-Data is a MIDI and OSC (Open Sound Control) controller, which does not generate sound, but rather sends MIDI and OSC messages to other apps and devices.

Q. Can TC-Data control TC-11?

No. TC-11 does not use standard MIDI triggering to perform, and it does not accept external messages. In TC-11, the multi-touch and device motion sensors are sent directly to synthesizer parameters.

Q. Does TC-Data have clock sync?

MIDI clock sync is a planned feature upgrade for the Sequencer modules. Look for it in a future update.

Q. Will TC-11 get _____ feature that TC-Data has?

Probably yes! Tons of improvements were made to the TC-11 code base during the development of TC-Data. Notable changes can be seen in the interface, like live Sequencer and LFO graph updating. The preview window is larger, transparent, and can be tossed out of the way for quicker editing. And the controller engine was rewritten for huge performance benefits. These features (and countless others) will be included in a future version of TC-11.

Q. Will TC-11 get the ability to send OSC / MIDI messages?

No. TC-11 will remain a dedicated synthesizer.

Q. Does TC-Data support MIDI over Bluetooth?

Yes. If your iPad supports Bluetooth LE, you can turn on Bluetooth MIDI under Settings >> General >> Bluetooth MIDI Setup.

Q. TC-Data is not localized for my language. Will there be a translation?

The text is being professionally translated into a number of languages, including German, Spanish, and Italian. More languages will come, but for now the app is in English only.

Q. Will TC-Data support iOS 6?

No. TC-Data is built with technologies introduced in iOS 7, and will not be back ported.

Q. Does TC-Data have a user guide?

Yes. You can download a copy here.

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