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Professional Multi-Touch Synthesis on the iPad

TC-11 is a programmable modular synthesizer on the iPad, controlled by multi-touch and device motion controllers. All synthesis parameters can be controlled by these two sources, which allows the user to create countless unique patch configurations.

TC-11 does not use on-screen objects like knobs or buttons for synthesis control. Instead, your touches are the controllers. Distances, angles, rotation, speeds, and timings created by the touches are used to push synthesis parameters in real-time. TC-11 opens up every inch of the screen for performance. Plus, the iPad's device motion capabilities can be used as controllers. The accelerometer, gyroscope and compass can be assigned to synthesis parameters to turn your iPad into a expressive motion-controlled synth.

Full Programmability

TC-11 gives access to every corner of the synthesis engine for unlimited customization. The synth objects, parameters, and modules are fully programmable. Choose which oscillators, filters, and effects you want in your patch. Then choose from any control source, including multi-touch controllers, device motion, envelope generators, low-frequency oscillators, and step sequencers. The programming interface is unified across all parameters, so creating patches is simple and straightforward.

All 112 presets were built in-app, and can be modified in any way to fit your song or style. Start with an existing preset, then change the controllers, effects, range, note mapping, waveforms, or any other parameter to make the patch your own. Or, start with a blank slate and come up with a brand new multi-touch synth from scratch. The possibilities are limitless.

tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg

tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg tc-11-screens.jpg

Synthesis Built for the iPad

The synthesis engine in TC-11 was built from the ground up specifically for the iPad. It is highly optimized to deliver crisp, responsive control. And the full 8 voice polyphony is capable of huge sound. Plug your iPad into your stereo or loudspeaker system and experience the full frequency, high resolution audio. Plus with built-in recording and AudioCopy, you can capture every performance. No matter what your style is, TC-11 can create a sound that fits in your studio or on stage.

TC-11 comes with 24 waveforms, 3 different oscillator types, filtered noise generators, resonating lowpass / bandpass / highpass filters, amplitude modulation, downsampler, waveshaper, phaser, resonator, stereo delay, and reverb effects. It also includes LFO modules, AHDSR modules, and sequencers to build exactly the control scheme you need. Plus, with dozens of multi-touch controllers acting independently of each other, you will constantly be finding new sounds in your patches.



112 Presets, Unlimited User Patches

The 112 presets that come with TC-11 include stretchy pads, sequenced patterns, synthy drums, monsterous basses, bells, leads, and even woodwinds. But those are only the beginning. The unlimited user patches allow you to make your own custom versions of the presets, or build as many of your own original instruments as you want. Then, share your creations by emailing your patches to your friends. There is no end to the number of patches you can play.

tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png

tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png tc-11-screens.png

Complete User Guide

There is no guesswork about how TC-11 works: learn all the functionality with the comprehensive user guide. Curious about a controller or module? Look it up and find out how to incorporate it into your next patch. Download the full manual below, or grab it from your iPad so you can carry it with you.


Below are some detailed looks at TC-11 from some of the iOS music scene's bloggers and producers. More reviews can be read on the App Store from TC-11 users.

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"This Thing is ALIVE! TC-11 is really fascinating and I'm having some fun experimenting with it. It is very, very cool!"
- Jordan Rudess, keyboardist, Dream Theater

"TC-11 is making my jaw drop every few minutes; realizing new and increasingly complex routing options. Rating: Essential."
- Tim Webb,

"Creating, routing, configuring, and general tweaking is unbelievably robust and complex. This is a big leap forward in design. A madhouse of sonic possibilities at your touch."
- David Israel,

The Evolution of Synth Control: TC-11

TC-11 is the only programmable synth that completely opens the control possibilities of multi-touch performance. Endless patches, full customization, and incredible sound make it the premiere synthesizer on the iPad. TC-11 is available on the the App Store.




Audiobus Compatible


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